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Zroplus Nutraceutical, Inc

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Purchase Zro Plus products on our website here. Zro Plus products are also currently available on and select affiliates throughout the country.

Yes, please contact your Zro Plus representative or visit our website at or

We ship everywhere via FedEx or USPS.

Rub approximately (1) dropper of Zro Plus Topical for 20 seconds.

Our products are natural organic plant based medicine that does not generally have adverse reactions with prescription drugs. However, you should always speak with your doctor before making any medical decision.

Based on body composition, metabolism and other individual factors, like level of pain, our products generally last 8-12 hours.

Users generally start to feel the effects within the first few minutes.

Our products contain only natural phytocompounds, but we have enhanced our proprietary mix with technology that gives our products an effective dosing of approximately 5 fold over anything else on the market.


Yes, our product is a very high grade Hemp which is made up of cannabinoids from the Hemp plant, yet no THC.

A combination of organic and natural plant based Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavinoids delivered in a carrier consisting of Olive oil, avocado oil or MCT oil.

Place 1 dropper under tongue. Let it rest for 20-30 second, and then swallow Zro Plus Sublingual for Maximum bioavailability.

The world's highest quality for non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid medicine with proprietary techniques which may increase overall efficacy up to 5 times and bioavailability to nearly 100%. Click here to view Transparency Report

Click here to check Microbial Report of Zro Plus

Zro Plus products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products have not been proven to treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailments via FDA testing. Please consult your physician before taking any product. Be safe and Keep away from children.

Due to Federal Regulations, we cannot make claims about whether or not natural Hemp Oil can help with specific ailments. We do however , urge everyone to research the widely available information online. You can easily find many resources about Hemp Oil and its possible benefits. 

Why Us

Zro  Plus products consist of a proprietary mix

Zro  Plus products consist of a proprietary mix of natural phytocompounds combined with advanced technology that increases the products efficacy by enhancing bioavailability. The beneficial effect lasts for more than 8 to 12 hours depending on your body composition, metabolism and other individual factors.

Zro  Plus Medicinal Cannabinoid Products

Zro  Plus products are completely natural.  Whether you are a kid in sports, a pro athlete or the rest of us living our life, this may be a beneficial part of your routine.

Zro Plus has higher Efficacy

Zro  Plus has come up as the most effective CBD oil alternative. We focus on increasing efficacy through bioavailability.

Hand crafted organic blend

Our organic and natural blend of products provides options for many! There may be small variations in color because of the inherent differences in different phytocannabinods, genetics and temperatures.  Please keep out of heat and cold and in room temperature.


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Benefits of ZRO+


Zro  Plus products consist of natural properties.

Derived from the Best

Our products are derived from the best botanical extracts, and provide medical grade natural remedies.


Our products focus on comforting you by utilizing empirical results through different researches.

Completely Natural

Our products are completely organic. Made from cannabinoids and terpenes. Because it is a natural remedy, our products do not have contraindications compared to some prescription drugs.

Best in absorption

Our products work extremely fast because of the enhanced bioavailability to allow Zro  Plus to be absorbed into the body systemically, therefore enhancing the results.

How Zro Products work

Zro  Plus products are highly bioavailable and are therefore absorbed quickly. By being absorbed systemically, more of the product used is being delivered which enhances the results. Project CBD, a non profit provides information that cannabinoids may reduce inflammation, which typically is one of the culprits that cause pain. Zro  Plus may be a perfect addition for your pre/post-workout schedule and all aspects of your daily routine.

Client Testimonials

I have a great testimony you can share for your CBD! I fell down a full flight of stairs on New Year's Eve
morning. I tore/strained the tendons from my middle finger and have a huge hematoma on my right
hip/thigh. I am bruised the entire side and back of my right leg from hip to a few inches above knee. I hit
my shoulder and wrenched my neck. SO, the great thing is this: I used the ZRO+ CBD oil and my iMRS
on and off all day New Year's Day and by New Years Day night I had no pain. This is with a rather
battered body!!!! Other than my finger when they put it in a cast I have no pain and as bruised as I am I
have no pain. I continue to use both and am doing great!
Please use that testimony any time and you can give my name. I am SO grateful for God's protection! I
could have broken some major bones and been a real mess! SO grateful for your ZRO+ CBD oil!!!!
Thank you! Thank you!! I will get by to see you sometime next week as I am clearly going to need some
more ZRO+!

Jacqueline Stevens

Vertu Health Technologies

I developed significant pain in my right quads and I talked to my chiropractor. He suspected arthritis in my hip which was verified by an osteopathic surgeon. He said I had 2 options - cortisone shots or hip replacement surgery. That seemed so radical. On Adam's website he talked about his recovery because of your CBD oil. I had taken some other CBD oil a year before sublingually but it had not helped the muscle pain at all. After using the Zro+  oil topically, the muscle pain went away quickly (minutes), sometimes lasting longer than 2 days. I no longer have pain that makes me limp and I am no longer facing hip replacement surgery. Great stuff. Thanks, Bob.



I like the everlasting comfort of this product. The unique fragrance makes it even better!!

Mike P.

San Francisco, California

My friend recommended me ZRO+ and I am thankful that I found such a useful product. 

Martha M.

Denver, CO

I will recommend ZRO+ to everyone who is looking for natural botanical extracts. 

Peter J.

Greenwood, CO

Zroplus was a game changer for me! After playing professional volleyball nonstop for 9 months, my body was completely wrecked. My knees, my shoulder, and my back had a hard time recovering and getting back into training again. But when I tried Zroplus there were immediate results, it almost felt unreal because I was so used to having pain all the time, and now I didn't. So now I use Zroplus for maintenance reasons, just to keep my body feeling good during season, and for aid in recovery for the little injuries that spring up. It really has been a life saver (body saver). 



Hi Adam I just talked to Bob, what a great person!! So kind and knowledgeable. But I wanted to tell you that when we left the gym my husband Guy and I both took a dropper full of Zro+ and Guy's back pain went right away and mine pain dulled a bit but my hips that were hurting like crazy. Anyways, so last night, I was in so much pain at bedtime I couldn't even walk:( so Guy made me take a dropper full of Zro+ and I laid down and never woke up till 5am and the pain was so little I couldn't believe it  so Bob said I could take as I need in a days time:) I pray this will really continue to help my symptoms!!

Young lady in Colorado

Colorado, USA

Our 12-Year-old son has Autism. He's classified as moderate to severe and suffers from mood swings, acute anxiety, frustration, ADHD, and explosive outbursts, often destructive and violent. To give an example, my wife was driving him to school one morning and when she didn't turn down a certain street to go to McDonald's, he lashed out violently, punching my wife and kicking out the windshield of the car. It took over an hour to calm him down. We have gone through half a dozen televisions, the same number of iPads and iPods, and fixed numerous windows and holes in walls and doors throughout the house. His sleep patterns ranged from not going to bed at all, to three or four hours at best, to a marathon 12 or 13 hours solid sleep when he just had to catch up.

We had considered turning to homeopathic medicine some time ago, but, like many parents, we were unsure if it would make a difference, how safe it was, and which "brand" to use, if we could even find it. So many questions. We stumbled across Zro+ through a friend. Everything just seemed to drop into place and we decided to start using it sublingually right away.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that he slept a perfect 9 hours the first night. Like a baby. Then the next night. Then for the rest of the week. Now I have to say that he has since had one or two 6:00 am wake up mornings, but I mean just a handful. He has been taking Zro+ sublingually for almost three months now. The fantastic thing for us was the shift in his attitude. The changes were subtle but clear. He wasn't being turned into a drooling, subdued zombie. He was still our rambunctious, mischievous little boy, but within the first two weeks there was a 90% decrease in the violent outbursts and destructive behaviors we had been enduring for so long. More smiles, more tolerance, more patience, more accepting of "no", or "not today", or just "wait".

Today, he has an attack for few "moments" every once in a while, and for regular things that a typical kid would have a moment over. No more ice cream for you today. No, you can't stay up past midnight to watch cartoons. Normal things. And he just seems to tolerate those denials so much better than before.

After the first few weeks, I was settled into seeing this change in behavior so much, that I began to wonder if it was still working. Then we ran out of Zro+. I swear I can hear the theme music to The Exorcist playing in my head while I recall it. Suffice to say that, if I didn't think I saw a huge difference while he was taking Zro+, we sure noticed when he wasn't taking it. This product has changed our lives, and our son's, and we are very thankful.

Neil Staley

Colorado, USA

I am not gonna lie. I am feeling a bit emotional. My first hand surgery to remove my melanoma was last August. I had several more operations up till February of this year. It is now June and the pain has been constant and unbearable. The Dr.s tell me it is in my head and it should not be so but it has been terrible. Jesse Scott told me about a Dr. in California who has a topical oil that he said would help with the pain. I literally had no expectations other than it wouldn't work. I put it on and within 15 seconds the pain was gone. Zip, nada, didn't exist. Unbelievable. This is the first time in nearly a year that I have not felt like there was no hope. Thank you Jesse Scott. Thank you Dr. for the treatment. Thank you God for sending me this gift and thank you for the reprieve from this unbearable pain. I really thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in agony and I was not looking forward to that.

Mark A.


Hello, my name is Miguel. I have two herniated disks in my lower back, L4-L5, L5-S1, and one of them is pinching on my sciatic nerve; therefore, creating a lot of pain all the way to my right heel 24 hours a day. I'm a school bus driver with a split shift, usually early morning two to three hours, and after noon four to five hours. The sciatic pain increases when I'm sitting, and I use any excuse to get out of my seat to relieve the pain a little bit, so that I can finish my shift.I have used Venlafaxine for two years to help with the pain; however, the side effects were too many, and when I finally stopped taking it the withdrawal effects were the worst. I also got many shots of Cortisone in my herniated disks, and right hip, but in turn this made me gain weight, caused insomnia, and urinary incontinence.A good friend of mine shared the Zro+ oil with me, and I used the oil on my right hip, and right shoulder. The pain on my shoulder was gone right away, and my hip pain decreased to a mild pain while I was seated. After I used the oil for the second day, I didn't even need to stand up from the bus seat because I was not feeling any pain. When I finished my afternoon shift, I called my friend and expressed my joy---to work again without agonizing pain---and the best of all, no side effects. Thank you Zro+.

Miguel C.


My shingles started with a burning and stabbing sensation on the front mid section as well as the inner part of my left thigh and the back portion below my behind on a Friday evening, June 23. I couldn't sleep all night because the stabbing sensation was unbearable. It persisted onto the weekend. By Monday, the rash continued to spread. I had no idea what is going on because I couldn't see my primary care doctor until the 28th of July. I did what everyone now a day would do and took to the internet. I called my brother in Dallas who is a medical doctor and he had confirmed that it was shingles. I was prescribed antiviral medication for the shingles and Gabapentin for the nerve pain. However, there was nothing that I can do with the rash. It was horrendous. Large patches that were thick as a dime. I applied the strongest steroid creme available to no effect since it showed up on Sunday. I spoke to a good friend of mine on Tuesday June 27th and he referred me to the guys at Zro+. They manufacture in Santa Ana and I drove there Immediately. I took a full dropper from the bottle of Zro+ and put it on my palm and applied to the rash. I had some relief right away of the irritation prior to having the ointment on. This allowed me to have a better sleep. When I woke up on the 28th of June, I was stunned. All the patches of rash were smoothed out. The edges of the rash were not rough and nor were they noticeable. I was over the moon. After work, I would shower and applied it to the rash again.

By the weekend, there were only pink coloration of where the rash patches. The burning and stinging sensation were still present where the rash were. My brother said that's just the nerves and I need to continue with the meds to reduce any discomfort. However, the worst part of having the shingles was the raw, burning, stinging rash and Zro+ took care of it literally overnight. I can't say enough about it and I can't thank my friends enough at Zro+.

V San Diego


My name is Rhonda. Zro+ has drastically improved my life after I was rear ended in a car accident July 2016 and suffered a bad whiplash. It had been a year since the accident, I was still experiencing constant cervical pain with muscle spasms. Keeping me on the couch some days. I was desperate for some kind of relief. I had been prescribed numerous medicines, none of them helped. I am very sensitive to medicines and their side effects, which eliminated all of them. I had tried physical therapy, dry needling, deep massage, acupuncture and cupping, and supplements. All just gave me temporary relief. The Spine Specialist wanted to perform a Neurotomy to burn the firing nerves. I didn't want to do this. I came across Zro+. I was skeptical because nothing had helped in the past. The pain started to decrease immediately. By the third day, the pain and spams were almost totally gone with no side effects. I couldn't believe it. All I can say is THANKS. I can't wait to get my active life back.

Rhonda- Arvada

Colorado, USA

The oil is amazing and is relieving any pains that I have. Combined with using the drops I would recommend this to those that don't like taking pills. Yes, I still take my pill for MS but for pains that I have the oil is amazing.Anyone with MS and has the pains in their feet legs or hands would greatly benefit from giving it a try.
Thank you for introducing this to me.

April Kreitner


Yes that is what I need. I'm Feeling really good. I haven't gone a month without a migraine in many years. Also oil is working on my husbands bursitis. FYI product is hard to find on Amazon.

Amy H.

Colorado, USA

The Zio drops are helping Tiffany with her cerebral palsy. She is feeling better. Thank you.... Mom.


New Mexico

Since taking the Zro+ I have been falling a sleep so much easier. I just ordered another bottle and have introduced Zro+ to my friends. Thank you.

K. Warner

Colorado, USA

I am 67 years old and an avid road cyclist who rides about 120 miles a week. Unfortunately, I have arthrithis in my feet and it usually causes great discomfort in my feet whenever I ride for more than 3 hours. After reading the information on the Zro+ website, I decided to give it a try. I am stoked for tell you that after using these two products I was able to ride for 3 1/2 hours without even the slightest pain in my feet. I am very excited to continue using these products and I feed very confident that I have found the solutions to my arthritis problems. I would strongly encourage you to use likewise. See you on the road :)

Steve P.


For the first time in 10 years I am pain free. I've decided I want an uninterrupted supply ......

Betsy, 79 years old


Hello, my name is Michelle and I am the mother of a 25 year old non-verbal, non-ambulatory son with cerebral palsy. He is my sweet love. Steven has always been about five years behind in his emotional skills. Two years ago his emotional needs jumped off the chart to daily anger with violent physical outbursts. I sought medical help from several medical doctors to be considered “experts” to only find that Steven was almost a pharmaceutical experiment with huge side effects. Xanax, Celexa, Valium, Trileptal and Hydroxyizne were all experiments – each with a horrific side effect and outcome. I was then introduced to Zro+ which has helped me for pain relief in my fractured wrist and for my son as well as mentioned earlier. Zro+ is a GREAT SOLUTION. Steven is happy, focused on learning to speak and the razor sharp emotional edge is now much lighter with spirit and he is laughing again. We are grateful to find a natural solution without any side effects whatsoever. THIS IS THE SOLUTION.

Michelle M.


Now, my main issue is pain. My knee has not healed properly and having the same side hip replaced after my knee didn't have the expected result. I have been in significant pain and haven't able to do much working out since the replacements, until Zro + came into my life. A couple of months ago, I got my hands on the Zro+ topical solution. I got it right before my Yoga class from Jill and for the first time in a very long time, I had a pain free class. Not only was it pain free, I was able to do more strength exercises and enhance my flexibility. I have continued to use Zro+ three times a week before my yoga classes and my improvement in my health, strength and flexibility has been immensely enhanced. The pain in my hips and knees is basically gone. My Doctor has been surprised that I have improved so much. I owe it all to Zro+.

William O.