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Leaving Autopilot!!

Dec 5th, 2018

Robert Mordini- Founder Zro+ Nutraceuticals, Adventurer, Entrepreneur
December 2, 2018
Words 803/ Read Time 3 min

Leaving church today and after giving it some thought, it dawned on me that most people don't actually feel authentic gratitude in their daily life. When people say thank you or hi, how are you? They are doing so by operating out of an unconscious program. While they may be talking to you, they lack the awareness and allowance to actually feel gratitude for a long enough period of time for it to have an effect. Before the canned response, they are on their way. Why is this important to pull out of this routine? Because it's the emotion of gratitude that is carrying the thought, and we now know that the feeling of gratitude actually has dramatic effects on the body, including strengthening the immune system and regulatory process and changing your day to day perceptions and activities.

When you see someone who authentically feels gratitude, whether they're feeling grateful for the the new day, their job, their new family or a new car, you can witness them having an energetic experience. Something shifts within them some layer has been lifted, no facade, or image they project to the world about themselves drops and in that space an authentic vulnerability appears.

You can always tell people who truly feel gratitude, so pay attention to these people. When they feel that emotion and really experience it, it's a completely different experience than the program of just saying thank you. Instead of going on autopilot, a person experiencing gratitude will pause in the present moment and really feel the expansiveness of the emotion and follow it with a kind word or thought. A person who lives with gratitude for the simple things in life has made it a habit and has most likely learned this important lesson from past experiences when they weren't so, shall we say humble.

I find it ironic that so many people spend their days living in a vacuum, constantly focusing on what they don't have. But most of these people will NOT listen to anyone and they continue in repeating the same day after day. Instead they should stop and take 5 minutes to be focusing on feeling gratitude for all the things they are, all the things in their life they have that are working and are actually worth feeling grateful for that so many would want. When we are living in survival mode, it's very hard to feel grateful, and this takes away our awareness to see what is right in front of us. A person usually has more good things, blessings in their life than they can see, but instead they focus on what is not working, because that's what we do in survival we prepare for worst-case scenarios so that they don't happen again. Sometimes it's anxiety or lack of focus.

It's a great time to start focusing our gratitude on all the wonderful things we do have in our life, rather than the things we don't. So many of us have been hypnotized into waiting for something outside of us to make us feel better, whether that's a drug, a person, a job, a shopping spree, a video game, alcohol, cigarettes, and so on. This causes us to become conditioned and dependent on our outer world to change how we feel in our inner world.

So why would we feel gratitude if we haven't received anything? By feeling and practicing gratitude in your waking day, you're in a state to receive you are in an energy that is drawing something to you on a moment-to-moment basis. Remember, LIKE attracts LIKE. The people who do find the time to authentically feel gratitude and drop that facade are the people who actually have the ability to feel gratitude in their meditations, prayer, and daily activities in a more natural way.

Remember, if you are taking things for granted, the blessings that you don't give thanks for, they will be taken away. Write down your blessings, and give thanks daily and you will see the change quicker than you ever thought was possible. It is like magic. It is real though. If you are doing this properly then in a sense you are stepping out of the present consciousness of your current life and creating an unknown experience somewhere in the future which could be today.

Just one more thing:

Be happy, eat and exercise being reasonable and fortify your body with good clean natural unprocessed foods with limited toxins which cause inflammation which messes up your regulatory system. Stay natural, get proper sleep and stop worrying so much.

Author Name: Robert Mordini

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