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Zroplus Nutraceutical, Inc

Transparency Report 2019

Dec 28th, 2018

    The world's highest quality for non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid medicine with proprietary techniques to increase overall efficacy up to 5 times and bio availability to nearly 100%. We provide much needed quality and transparency along with disruptively beneficial pricing and results to the consumer. The results are undeniably faster and more effective than any other brand available.

    Manufacturing & Wholesale

    Our source supplier is a proven pioneer in organic hemp cultivation, cannabinoid extraction and global distribution. Established as the premier supplier of
    wholesale phytocannabinoids with under writeable transparency. We have addressed the need for standardization, reliability and scalability in the
    booming hemp and non-psychoactive cannabinoid markets, both in the United States and across the globe. Industrial hemp is legally distributed nationally and internationally. The industry's predominant lack of access to clean and consistent supplies of raw cannabinoids from reputable and transparent sources has seriously hampered highly interested product manufacturers and families who have entirely relocated in desperate search of this medicine. With so many seeking
    out these valuable molecules, we are proud to have found success in solving the sourcing challenge and accompanied hurdles that manufacturers face
    in a constantly moving landscape of limited supply, inconsistent quality and evolving legality.

    Our product is a fully integrated solution for our clients by maintaining consistent inventories developed from the highest quality strains of industrial hemp, and by providing services that have eliminated the logistical challenges and exorbitant costs associated with importation, storage, processing, purification, formulation, and documentation. The production of our source utilizes precision laboratory techniques in the FDA, cGMP, HACCP and ISO 9001 compliant facilities, all of which carry organic, halal and kosher certifications. These quality standards, combined with extensive expertise in chemistry, genetics, research,
    cultivation and extraction sciences are strictly maintained by the supplier so that highly regulated and standardized companies such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, supplement, and cosmetics businesses can be confident in their ability to access quality medicine.

    Testing and Transparency

    Our source company is proud to have raised the bar for the cannabinoid cultivation and concentrates manufacturing industry by establishing the first-ever standards of quality and transparency previously unseen in the market and currently not met by many other
    manufacturers today. The company has a commitment to consumer safety and product purity is seen in their success as the first company to offer a Transparency Report for all available product. The TR is used as a means to enforce documentation of the entire seed-to-sale manufacturing process of
    agricultural products consumed by the public. A TR is complete once the reports are signed and sealed by accredited third party institutions
    and made available to the public domain for all. All product inventory is tracked and coded with specific batch numbers
    for each harvest and followed throughout the manufacturing life cycle so that every checkpoint of quality assurance is met, approved and
    documented for the public record.

    Contained in the TR:

    • Organic farming certifications
    • Certificates of origin
    • Scientific descriptions, applications and technical specifications
    • Harvest batch numbers with the processing equipment and solvents used
    • US-Customs, FDA & OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    • Third party quality testing reports (potency, metals, residual solvents)

    We have received many calls from doctors, patients and new customers who are eager to be pain free and live with less anxiety and stress naturally. While we do offer samples, patients that have tried Zro+ are intent on purchasing an uninterrupted supply. People are so happy to be pain free. They are also seeing benefits of reduced anxiety and better sleep. It seems they want their bodies back to homeostasis.
    We offer incredible results with our Zro+ products and maintain our goal of education and giving back.


    While Zro+ Nutraceutical, Inc uses only organic, natural ingredients, it is sometimes necessary to provide additional detail to the exact make up of the product and how it conforms to the various standards like the NFL, NCAA and High School Sports Associations etc.

    Zro+ Topical ingredients

    • Coconut Oil
    • Oleic Acid
    • Avocado Oil
    • Pure Phytochemical Cannabinoid Extract
    • Citrus Peppermint/Lavender Essential Oil

    Zro+ Sublingual Ingredients

    • Coconut Oil
    • Oleic Acid
    • Avocado Oil
    • Pure Phytochemical Cannabinoid Extract
    • Grape Stevia
    The following links to the aforementioned associations are included herein, and all the ingredients, compounds, drugs or forbidden substances have been cross referenced to provide our customers with the confidence of great results without violation.

    The production of the products utilize precision techniques in FDA, cGMP, HACCP and ISO 9001complaint facility, all of which carry organic, halal, vegan and kosher certifications. These quality standards, combined with extensive expertise in chemistry, genetics, research,
    cultivation and extraction sciences, are strictly maintained.

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